Sunday, November 23, 2014


*a new house
*plenty of food
*closet full of clothes
*healthy children

     It's easy to rattle off a list of things that I am thankful for, blessings that I don't deserve but God has graciously supplied me with.  I have been trying to think the last week of things that I thankful for that are not on my normal list.  Things that don't come to mind immediately....

     Music.......   I don't listen to music a lot because I am not alone much, but on Mondays when I have a short drive between stores I have started listening to music that just speaks to me. It may be a variety of genres and you would probably smile at some of it. But I always feel more peaceful after 15 minutes of listening...

   Christmas Lights....... I love to sit and look at lights, candles and Christmas décor. Something about the soft light and the sparkly ornaments and greenery makes me feel happy inside. and it always reminds me of my Grandma. She never had a light in or on her house because it was against her belief to decorate. But she told me several times that she loved to look at the lights and secretly she would like to have some. It makes me feel close to her when I sit and enjoy them.

    God is FOR me......    This was in our sermon this morning. I don't always feel this, it's hard to when it seems like the world is out to get you at times. But I want to believe this..... and if I believe enough, the feelings will come along too.

   Employees......    They come and go as life brings them into my life and sometimes life takes them on to other places. But I learn from each one and each experience. I have been blessed many many times from their lives and friendships. I know I bumble and stumble as I learn how to be a boss and how to manage our business, and learn how to say things and to handle life. God has given me many fine people to learn on! 

  My Girls....  I always wanted to be a mama. I figured I would like it. But I never knew it would be something that I loved so much. Living life with these girls has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Homeschooling them for 8 years and now experiencing school with them....  Seeing them grow up, being a sports mom, interacting with their friends....  It isn't an easy job, I fail daily and I wonder how they will ever amount to anything with my mistakes, but they are God's and I am so thankful he chose me to be their mama!

 My Customers.......  This is something I wasn't expecting when we opened up our store 3 years ago. I didn't realize how many relationships I would make, all the people that would be in my life on a weekly basis. Sometimes when I go out and I run into someone who knows me around every corner of a store, every event..... they comment on the things I am buying, about the restaurant I am eating at, on my outfit since I am out of "uniform", etc.... I feel just a bit paranoid and exposed. Sort of like I have to be "on" all the time. Then I remember all the kind words that are spoken into my life and the blessing of having all these caring people in my world! I really stopped and noticed the other day when a sweet little man came into my office and asked if I was getting enough rest... I told him I was doing fine. He asked me again if I was sure. I reassured him and he said , "ok, my wife is worrying about you and she will ask me first thing when I get home!" It really did touch me and remind me again of this blessing of not being alone......

  Friends.....  This is a no-brainer. And it could be on the easy to say list up there. But I think of the unexpected friendships that God places in your life. Ones you look back at and think, wow.... I didn't see that one coming! After being in the business world for a couple years I felt like I really needed another woman who knew where I was coming from and maybe could give me advice. I asked my pastor if he could recommend someone. Another lady from church was talking to him too.... It was a God thing.  One time there was a lady on an airplane with me, I wasn't looking for a friend. But by the time we landed I had one, one that I share coffee, music, jokes, and pictures with..... through technology. We live miles apart but she has filled a spot that was empty in my life and adds humor at the needed time.

   Until next time... Kristy


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